The Camp instructors will launch Zoom 10 minutes prior to start of the camp session.

Working in Partnership:

  • At the end of the week, the Director will recap with the camp instructors to discuss how the sessions is going.

  • Weekly Newsletter “What’s Happening in Virtual Camp?” will be posted in the website, under "Newsletter." The newsletter will communicate to the parents on how the virtual camp is going and communicate any changes/highlights of the sessions.

  • Weekly outline of the Sessions/lessons will be posted by the end of the week for the following week.

  • The director/co-director will oversee the sessions.

What is needed for a successful Virtual Camp?

o Computer/laptop with Zoom Capability.

o Campers will have access and encourage to use Zoom features “Reactions”, “Chat”, "Whiteboard" and "Breakout Room" to communicate with their instructors and with their peers.

o Two composition notebooks (ASL, French)

o LEGOs, LEGO DUPLOs, Building Blocks

o Camera (parents my use phone camera to take picture/video of the “storytelling” projects)

o Campers approach camp with an excitement and ready to embrace new learning, make new friends and have fun!

o Parents should encourage their child to share what they have learned.

o Optional: to connect Zoom to your TV for a larger view. You will need a “HDMI cable” if you want to connect your laptop or computer to the TV.

Please contact us with your questions!

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